REINE FORMSACHE - إجراء شكلي


In the Play REINE FORMSACHE we experience two Syrian theater actors who have lived in Europe for a few years now. They share a room, and a story while time goes by. What do we do now and what are we going to represent? Can we continue acting? They take advantage of their presence on stage and include the audience in their space – the play unfolds and starts with the question WHAT IF:

What if the actress decides to return to Syria and is being stopped at the border where the actor plays the character of an eccentric officer who interrogates her? As the game unfolds, we are wondering who is standing on stage? Is this trial really possible? Is the interrogator politically questioning the actress in front of him? Or is a young generation representative questioning his former teacher and his role model? Where does the actress really want to go and what is left of that place? Can she retell the tale and what remained of it over time?

Through the interrogation, the actress recollects some of the scenes that have affected her or that have intersected with her life. We experience her theatrical life from the 1980s in Damascus right to the moment on stage of Theater an der Ruhr. In parallel, it tells the story of a country that has undergone violent political events, the latest of which is the revolution and the war that continues to this day. The play REINE FORMSACHE raises questions about memory and politics through the means of theater and acting.


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Robert Sievert
Set and Costume designer
Israa Habasch
Assistant Director
Waël Ali
Khaled Yassine
Larissa Bender
Omar Mohamad
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